the weird and wild side of streaming movies

the weird and wild side of streaming movies

Hey everyone, Dan here... I'm sure most you have noticed that we've been off-air for a few months. It wasn't a planned break, we just had holidays and busy work stuff going on. But as weeks became months, we've been talking about the show in general and have decided to pause it for the time being.

From my side, I have to be honest and say I underestimated how much time putting a weekly show takes up, not just recording, but film watching, editing, social media, maintaining the site and so on. We could do it... but it wasn't leaving much time for any of the other things I want to do outside of work/family. I love podcasting, and we're really appreciative of all the listeners and feedback we've had over the past year - but there's a ton of other things we want to do as well, so something had to give.

I know a few folk have suggested a less regular show, and we did discuss that, but we kinda felt that's how things start drifting. It happened with Mondo Movie and it's happened with so many other podcasts. Two weeks becomes 3, becomes 5, and after a while you're not really doing a show at all (but technically still are, and feeling bad that it's not more often).

On a less personal level, we also feel that the streaming landscape has really shifted in the past year. When we started, only 12 months ago, Amazon and Netflix were still the main source of most movie fans' streaming needs, and despite the regional variations it was pretty easy for us to keep track of stuff hitting them. But with Netflix becoming increasingly focused on its own content, and with services like FilmStruck, Shudder, MUBI and Fandor all catering to the dedicated movie fan, it has become harder for us to cover all the options out there. In some cases I can't access the service at all in the UK, and for the others, there are considerable differences between the US and UK output. I guess it's ironic that streaming has never been better for film lovers, but it had become increasingly tricky for us to find commonly available movies to provide a comprehensive transatlantic service.

So we're putting Streampunk on one side, to focus on some other stuff. We've got a couple of projects in the works, and we're keeping the site up, so all of last year's shows will remain available. And we may get back to it. Thanks everyone for downloading and listening!!